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Packing Tape Box Packaging Supply with Lower Price

Packing Tape, High Quality, Lower Price,

  1. Price: about US$0.4 / Rolls
  2. MOQ: 1500 Rolls
  3. Size: any size we can provide
  4. Terms: Ext-Factory Shenzhen / Hong Kong
  5. Shipment: within 14 days

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電話:(852) 2412 2177
電郵 : bagfactoryhk#Gmail.com
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Sun Winning Industrial Limited begins manufacturing of Fashion Bag, Backpack, Cosmetic Bag, Casual Bag and Recycle Bag since year 2002. We provide design, production and sales one-stop service for our valuable clients. Headquarter is located in Hong Kong while factories in China. We concentrate on the manufacturing of branded bags and export oriented.