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在生產袋的布料來說, 棉布和帆布其實是同一種布料, 因為一般說的棉布是指100%棉, 但這種布料其實并不適合做手袋的布料, 因為布料薄, 承重力不足, 因此多用來生產服飾類.

而帆布是一種比較粗厚的棉織物或麻織物,帆布的大部分規格的紗線比普通的棉布的紗線要粗, 所以生產的帆布袋耐用, 承重力足, 容易清洗.

當然, 我們也可以因應客戶需要生產棉布/帆布袋.



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Sun Winning Industrial Limited begins manufacturing of Fashion Bag, Backpack, Cosmetic Bag, Casual Bag and Recycle Bag since year 2002. We provide design, production and sales one-stop service for our valuable clients. Headquarter is located in Hong Kong while factories in China. We concentrate on the manufacturing of branded bags and export oriented.
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